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Specialty Conferences

World Steel Bridge Symposium

The World Steel Bridge Symposium (WSBS) brings together bridge design engineers, construction professionals, academics, transportation officials, fabricators, erectors, and constructors to discuss and learn state-of-the-art practices for enhancing steel bridge design, fabrication, and construction techniques. 


With more than 20 sessions, industry experts will share the latest on both the principles of quality management and specifics on how improving your quality process will boost your bottom-line. Whether you are AISC-certified, a fabricator, an erector, or just want to learn more about quality systems, these sessions are for you! You will leave QualityCon with ideas and tools that will bring immediate value to your fabrication or erection jobsite. 

Architecture in Steel

Architecture in Steel is the architectural community’s home at the Steel Conference. Designers--and everyone else involved in steel design and construction--can expect to hear about ingenious solutions to tough design challenges, inspiring structures that came to life in structural steel, and the innovations that will define structural steel’s impact on a greener, safer, more beautiful future.


Safety first! AISC’s Safety Committee has developed a special slate of sessions designed to give fabricators and erectors practical guidance and useful tools to promote safety.

SSRC Annual Stability Conference

The Structural Stability Research Council's (SSRC) Annual Stability Conference has been held in conjunction with the Steel Conference since 2001. In addition to 13 sessions with more than 60 papers, the SSRC Conference includes the 2020 Beedle Award and 2019 MAJR Medal presentations. SSRC also holds its annual meeting immediately prior to the SSRC Conference. Admission to all SSRC Conference sessions is included with your registration. 

NISD Conference on Steel Detailing

The National Institute of Steel Detailing (NISD) has developed a 13-session program specifically for detailers. The program parallels the NISD Certification program and provides practical information to help make you a better detailer!

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