Exhibitor Resources

Participant List

The list of registered conference participants is available to exhibitors who purchase the list and sponsors only on a weekly basis, 30 days prior to the conference, and two weeks after the conference has ended.

Note: At the time of registration, participants are given the chance to opt-out of being included on such lists.

Contact Renae Gurthet at renae@gurthetmedia.com or 231.995.0637 with questions.

Solicitation Warning

In recent years, a number of exhibitors have informed AISC of conference list solicitations (often fraudulent) from groups with no affiliation to The Steel Conference. We encourage you to disregard any offers for participant lists and avoid providing information to anyone outside of AISC.

Exhibitor Profile Help

Signed up to exhibit and need help accessing your online exhibitor Profile? Contact renae@gurthetmedia.com  or 231.995.0637.